Pittsburgh rapper Boaz is signed to Rostrum Records, the independent record label formerly home to Mac Miller and currently home to Wiz Khalifa. Recently, Boaz detailed how Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, both Pittsburgh natives, represent the city.

“With us it’s three totally different personalities, and they kinda went international in a sense without repping the city to the effect the city thinks they should have,” Boaz says during an interview with The Breakfast Club

Boaz stands by his statement despite Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow.”

“That’s the biggest,” he says. “But I think the people just moreso, they wanna feel the star. In bruh bruh’s success he kinda just took off too quick….with the level of success they reached that fast, the city gonna be on your heels. So you really, if you wanna deal with that pressure, you can, but I think if you really wanna stay out of trouble and remain successful, you should remove yourself [from Pittsburgh].”

Boaz also said his, Mac Miller, and Wiz Khalifa’s music reflects the makeup of people in Pittsburgh. “I think it’s a really good mixture. Because it’s like a dumb thin line between poverty and blue collar. You could be on this side of the street and it looks like 5th Ave. Cross this side of 5th Ave, and you in the hood. So Pittsburgh, it’s not really diverse in that sense. You got us and you got the others. So it’s like, no Spanish, very little Jamaicans. And it gives it a sense of, ‘Yeah, it’s tough. Ain’t no hiring or nothing like that.”

Boaz recently released his “Hard To Forget It” single featuring Scarface, and is slated to release an album in September.

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