Hollow Da Don defeated Joe Budden at last week’s Total Slaughter in New York (July 12).  

Apparently, Eminem wants Hollow Da Don to  battle another emcee in the industry. 

Hollow Da Don made this announcement via twitter and asked his Twitter followers who they think he should go up against. 

“@Eminem wants me to take out another industry name I guess, yall tell me who it should be @thegame or @CASSIDY_LARSINY we got 6 figures,” he tweeted.

The options would either be Hollow Da Don versus The Game or Hollow Da Don versus Cassidy.  

If he were to battle The Game, Hollow suggests that the battle can take place in Los Angeles. 

He has received numerous responses from his followers on Twitter regarding who he should go up against next. 

Hollow Da Don has yet to receive a response from either emcee.

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