As a celebrity who has her foot in both the LGBST (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Straight, and Transgender) and Hip Hop communities, Amber Rose recently gave her thoughts on gays being accepted in Hip Hop, during an interview with Vlad TV.

She went on to share her belief that those in Hip Hop have become more accepting of gays because many of them work directly with rappers as stylists and assistants.

“I think it’s becoming more accepted and I’ll tell you why,” she said. “Because gay people know fashion. They know what’s popping. And a lot of the rappers their stylists are gay. And their assistants are gay. And they’re just like ‘That’s cool. They do a good job. I don’t really care if they’re gay or not.’ So, I definitely think we’re moving forward.”

The model, who’s married to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania lyricist Wiz Khalifa, did express some uncertainty when asked if a gay rapper would ever be accepted in Hip Hop. She says such a feat would be “awesome,” but isn’t sure how they’d be embraced by both the gay and Hip Hop communities.

“I’m not sure. That would be cool…I think it would be awesome. I just don’t know how the gay community would embrace them also,” Rose said.

In regards to her relationship with those in the gay community, Amber Rose revealed that she grew up with a lot of gay and transgender people and was also active in the gay barroom scene in New York.

“I think I just put out that energy. I grew up with a lot of gay kids,” she said. “A lot of transgender kids also. I [worked] the gay barroom scene in New York. I did all that. So, I have a lot of gay friends to this day and transgender friends also.”

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