Kanye West participated in an unrealized 2010 reality TV show starring his travel agent at the time, Brett Grolsch, who calls himself a “travel agent to the stars” in the unearthed clip posted by TMZ

“I’m trying to avoid airports at all costs,” Kanye West says in the clip. “People like to say really stupid stuff to me. But, I’m fine, you know. That’s completely politically incorrect. Okay, man, no I really like being at airports.” 

West then says people ask him if he’s Kanye West when he’s walking through airports. When he replies that he is, they tell him to “quit lying.” 

West also says he pretends he’s on the phone to avoid being bothered, a strategy that doesn’t always work. “People have no respect for the phone and stuff.” 

Last year, West was involved in an altercation with a photographer at a Los Angeles airport. In a video of the altercation, West was shown wrestling the photographer to the ground. The photographer was later reportedly treated for contusion and muscle strain at a hospital. 

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