It seems as if the beef between Eminem and The Source owners are only going to continue to grow. After getting the green light to continue with his lawsuit against the Source magazine’s co owners David Mays and Ray Benzino its seems as if the battle may not just stay in the courtroom. This week the feud seems to have continued after David Mays left a Detroit radio station. Mays appeared on WDTJ-FM radio and allegedly directed several of his comments to Eminem.

After finishing his interview with the radio station it is said that Eminem allegedly arrived at the radio station with ten men and confronted to magazine owner. Though no physical violence erupted, verbal battles of words were said between Eminem and Mays. Last week Benzino released his own video going against Eminem’s new song “Like Toy Soldiers”. Eminem is continuing his lawsuit against The Source magazine for releasing an old song Eminem recorded allegedly making crude comments about black women.