Stepping back into the spotlight with his new song “I’m a Hustler”, Cassidy plans to continue to show the many different sides of his personality. Known as Cassidy “The Problem” because of his fierce rapping style, Cassidy gained a new and bigger audience with the release of his debut album “Split Personality” from the mixtape underground success he had. I’ve always done the hardcore stuff, but when I came out with ‘Hotel’ and ‘Get No Better,’ I gained a new audience,” Cassidy told MTV. “I accomplished a lot with the first album, so my label feels more confident in me now. That’s why you see the song taking off like it is.” Working on his new album “Personality Change” due in stores in the spring, Cassidy plans to continue to surprise those that are unfamiliar with his style at the same time filling a gap he sees in the current hip-hop game.

“I’m going in a new direction on this album,” he said. “It’s harder and more street, but still commercial. I’m still trying to please the pop crowd, but I wanted to get a little more lyrical with them on this album. It’s a little gap in the game right now. Cats that are supposed to be #1 are releasing garbage, so there’s room for a new cat to come hold down that position. I hope to do that with this album. There are no more introductions, no more rumors about what I can and can’t do — it is what it is. Cats are going to have a lot of trouble with this record.”