Dame Dash says he has high hopes for an upcoming collab with his clothing line’s Fall collection.

“Designing @ddpoppington fall collection…it’s gonna be crazy and doing a collab that’s gonna change the world @raquelmhorn and ally are serious this year #dontgetscared #rushthethrone,” he says in an Instagram post. 

Recently, Dash spoke with HipHopDX about his various business ventures and why he hustles hard.

“I’m from Harlem, B,” he said. “All I know about is flipping. So if I buy a house, I’m not going to only be happy with the house. If it costs two million, I’m going to want one that cost four. If it costs four, I’m going to want one that costs eight. If I get a car it’s going to be alright…it’s a car. But then I’m going to want a jet. Then I’m going to want a yacht. Then I’m going to want a helicopter and then I’m going to want an island. And the money that you’d be making, you have to keep flipping so you can get more. So, I’m never going to be satisfied. I’ve already spent my first billion dollars. I want to buy a football team. I don’t plan on holding no money any time soon. I’m from Harlem.” 

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