The man who allegedly began the brawl with Dr. Dre at the Vibe Awards in November has pleaded not guilty to committing assault. Jimmy James Johnson pleaded not guilty at his arraignment this week in LA. The entire brawl was said to have begun after Johnson approached Dr. Dre for an autograph and he refused to give him one. Johnson then allegedly punched Dr. Dre in the face and then others became involved in a massive fight.

In addition to Johnson being charged, Young Buck also known as David Darnell Brown has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly stabbing Johnson. Johnson’s next hearing is scheduled for January 26th and Young Buck is set to go back to court later this week after he had already posted bail. Young Buck faces up to eight years in prison if he is convicted of assault. Police are still looking for two more men that they haven’t yet identified in the video of the brawl.