Last month, Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta traded insults via diss records. 

Today (July 8), the Philadelphia rappers traded insults on Twitter.

“I’m nothing like these dudes! I’m sign off twitter today b4 I get too crazy,” Meek Mill wrote, to which Louie V Gutta responded, “Meeka You a bitch  you mad or nah? pussy.” 

Meek Mill then replied. 

“If he claim he got shooters and muscle send em….. Ima b in the hood all day wit these high beams on my neck you can’t miss me,” Meek Mill said.

The two had also been feuding on Twitter over Louie getting his chain snatched in Atlanta, which stemmed from the Slowbucks chain-snatching incident.

Some of the tweets between Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta are as follows:

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