Earlier today, HipHopDX premiered a diss record Louie V Gutta made about his own former label boss, Meek Mill. This follows the song, over the same instrumentals, Meek made about him just yesterday in which the Maybach Music rapper said, “Rap nigga got my chain snatched, and he ain’t even get the chain back / On the news with police, now he talkin’ on Twitter / I ain’t playin’ that.”

Louie V has now responded by taking shots about the Slowbucks incident as well.

“New York nigga got his chain snatched / Strong arm, no gun, can you explain that? / At Summer Jam with all his friends with fame at / And you was there too Meek, go get his chain back.”

The Philadelphia native also addressed the fued he and Meek were having over Twitter in which Meek Mill responded to one of Gutta’s tweets at him about the Hot 97 Summer Jam 2014 incident.

“Oh you that nigga acting different, hah / Oh, you that nigga getting money, pillow talking with them bitches, hah / Oh you that nigga who’s on Twitter, hah / You ran out of shit to say, started spreading rumors, nigga snitchin’ hah.”

The two have also been feuding on Twitter over Louie getting his chain snatched in Atlanta, which all stemmed from the Slowbucks chain-snatching incident.

Listen to the song stream here.

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