Sitting down with the LA Leakers, Lil Durk explained how he and Game resolved their beef late last week. On Sunday (June 30), footage of a confrontation between both rappers and their entourages at a Los Angeles nightclub was released by WorldStarHipHop.

Speaking with the LA Leakers, Lil Durk detailed the run-in and later talking to Game on the phone to officially squash the feud.

“The whole club scene was just like a standoff, like, ‘Alright, I’m holding my ground,’” he said. “They like, ‘I’m holding my ground too.’ Some people don’t do it like that. Some people just rather not walk up to somebody in the club and do it. I heard plenty times people ran from him. So, I’m just standing my ground. Where I’m from, we don’t run. We stand up. Especially for us being in another city and on the come-up. We can’t let nobody do that to us, you know? So we took it upon ourselves. We didn’t approach him like, ‘You ho-ass nigga. What the fuck wrong with you?’ We just hollered at him like we just wanna see what it is, see where we standing type. After the little bullshit, the next day one of the homies had put me and Game on three-way and we squashed it from there. It wasn’t nobody got bitched type shit. We just keep it real.”

Footage of the confrontation is available on HipHopDX here

When asked if he might work with Game in the studio, Lil Durk added, “anything could happen.”

In May, Game dissed Lil Durk on “ChiRaq To L.A.,” rapping, “Tyga hit me like, ‘Durk dissing’ /Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who, nigga? / Never heard of these niggas.”

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