Common, who worked with Vince Staples on Nobody’s Smiling’s “Kingdom,” says he learned from the Long Beach, California emcee featured on the cut.

“Well one thing I learned from him, I like that he’ll write his rap right there. He wrote his rap right there and there’s a spontaneity in that, that I like,” Common says in an interview with HotNewHipHop. “He’s not the first artist that I seen do that, but that kind of did help me get into that mindset that you inspired in the moment and do your thing. Another thing I learned to was like, just because you’re from…You can’t make assumptions about an emcee. He’s from Long Beach, 20 years old. You assume, ‘Ah, man. He just grew up listening to Gangsta Rap. And that’s not the case. He probably loves Snoop [Dogg], but I don’t think Snoop is his favorite rapper just because he’s from Long Beach. And with that being said, we all know Snoop is legend and I respect Snoop and so does Vince Staples, but the point is, you can’t make assumptions.”

The song “Kingdom” is one of the first tracks Com released off his upcoming effort, Nobody’s Smiling. When “Kingdom” was released, Common called it the start of something great.  

Common spoke with HipHopDX about collaborating with Staples in 2013.

“I got my man Vince Staples on a song,” Common said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX at the time. “I like him. He’s cold on the mic. When I heard him rapping, I was like, ‘This dude can really rhyme.’ It made me want to write.”

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