Lil Eazy-E reportedly feels that Ice Cube has betrayed his father’s wishes by not casting him in the role of Eazy-E in the upcoming N.W.A biopic, according to TMZ

“I am my father,” Lil Eazy-E says. “I look like him. I sound like him.”

Eazy-E says his father would have wanted him in the role and points out Cube has his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. playing Ice Cube in the film. 

Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young was not cast to play Dr. Dre in the film. Recently, Young discussed the matter

“I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me,” Young says. “But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role. It’s one of those things where we want what’s best for the movie and for the film. I had a lot of fans that were upset about it, but whatever’s best for the film, that presents it in that light, then I’m for it.”

Nevertheless, Lil Eazy-E says he is set to support and promote the film. 

TMZ also posted the following image with cast members from the upcoming motion picture. 

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