The courts have given the green light for Eminem to continue his copyright infringement lawsuit against The Source magazine. Eminem pursued the lawsuit after The Source released excerpts of two previous recordings Eminem made in which offensive comments about black women were said. The federal court judge in the case Gerald E. Lynch originally granted an injunction against The Source from releasing the recordings but later lifted it allowing the magazine to release a small portion of the songs. “This case is about freedom of the press, freedom of speech and the way that he and Shady Records have tried to suppress those freedoms”, Dave Mays, who co owns The Source alongside Ray Benzino said. “These guys are trying to use the courts and their finances to stop us from doing what every other press outlet does on a daily basis”.

In other Eminem news, after recently putting up the studio where Eminem recorded his CD “The Slim Shady LP” for auction, Amjed Abdallah was found shot to death. An associate of Abdallah found him on the floor of Studio 8(which he began auctioning December 15th on E-Bay) and immediately called police. Li. Norman Raymond believes he may have been dead for at least two days. “There’s a possibility of robbery”, LT. Raymond said. “People who use the studio told is to look for some fairly pricey equipment and it was missing”. Abdallah had been asking $215,000 for the purchase of the studio.