Releasing seventh album “Street’s Disciple”, Nas has seemed to take hip-hop in a different direction from the normal party and bulls**t music. Spending the bulk of his two-disc album weaving a story as only he can, thirty one year old Nas found inspiration in everything to help him put together this album.

“I’m a storyteller and the Bible is a bunch of stories about life and things that took place here on planet earth”, Nas told the AP. “ It’s a great example to use and a great reason to be happy about being a storyteller because the lesson of the land are always in stories. I didn’t want to bore people so a lot of the records I party to are more slammin’, more knockin’. This album is not an album that knocks, its’ really a storytelling knock form beginning to end. Disc one which is one story and the second disc completes the story both imaginative and personal”.

With other rappers branching out to such careers as movies, clothing lines and other business ventures, Nas isn’t sure that he may follow their lead.

“There’s so much that I’ve never done. I love clothes but I not excited about getting into the clothing business, I love sneakers but not really excited about doing it. My guys are interested in doing both clothes and sneakers that I might support… but what I’m really interested in is doing books and I like screenplays and I’ve written some, so you’ll probably see some movies and stuff like that coming from me. Not from the big Hollywood end but on the independent end. I’m a student of filmmaking and not a student of the glitz of Hollywood”.