Is “The Baddest B***h” Trina running into legal problems? According to SOHH, Trina may soon be out of house and home.

JP Morgan Chase Bank has allegedly filed foreclosure documents on Katrina Taylor’s (also known as Trina) Pembroke Pines Florida home for failure of payment. Trina purchased the house in 1999 before the release of her first cd for $157,500 but the estimated price of the home has now reached $300,000. The case, which was filed in September 2004 states that she has missed her last three payments but she still has time to make payments and end all legal litigation.

After the release of her last album “Diamond Princess”, Trina has been back in the studio to working on her new album “The Glamourous Life”. Mixtape buzz began to surround her first single from the album “Big Ole D**k”, no more singles have been released. According to her record label Atlantic Records, the cd’s release date has been pushed back