What’s Chris Webber’s latest alias in music? Instead of getting behind the mic the Sacramento King is now behind the boards making beats for hip-hop artists.

After putting out a solo album several years ago, Chris has decided to leave his career as a rapper alone and move on to hobby.

“I don’t do anything. I make beats under an alias. I have had a studio in my house for 12 years and I learned from some of the best. I came out with an album and that’s not something I wanted to do. Artists would come to my house and I’d let them record for free as long as they did a song with me, and I’d rhyme over it or whatever. It was dope for the basement, but not to put out.”

“Somebody got a hold of it and they were going to put it out so I just put it out myself. That’s why I didn’t promote it or anything. But I don’t like to even be looked at like I put out an album, because it was just for me”, Weber told Dimebag.

So those thinking that this NBA ball player may come back to the mic, shouldn’t look for it to happen to soon.

“Q-Tip said it: Industry rule number 4,080. Record company people are shady. That’s why I’m glad I make beats, I don’t have to deal with the political. And that’s why I’m glad I don’t have to depend on that to make a living. It’s an honor to make beats and a way to keep my love of music going and stay on the low”.