After taking aim at Game on a “Chiraq” remix last month, G. Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys spoke with BET in a recent interview and downplayed the diss. During the interview, the Chicago rapper also confirmed the dismantling of the L.E.P. Bogus Boys and the start of his own New Regime group.

“As far as L.E.P. Bogus Boys, I mean, it’s dead,” G. Count said. “I got L.E.P. New Regime right now.”

“It’s nothing like a bad thing. It’s just I had my own vision, my own vision of how I wanted my movement to go,” Count said. “Going as a group wasn’t taking it in the direction of that. I just branched off, do my own thing.”

Detailing his next steps, Count explained wanting to start “a whole new movement.”

“New Regime is just a whole new face on it,” he said. “A whole new movement. My movement is about a bunch of real guys, real organizations, real movements, all banding together under New Regime. It’s just like, my whole vision first was I got guys that’s felons that’s coming home and they don’t have nothing to come home to. This is a way that they can employ themselves.”

G. Count Says He Never Dissed Game

Last month, G. Count responded to a track released by Game dissing Lil Durk.

On Tyga’s “Chiraq To LA,” Game raps: “Lil Durk under a lil dirt / And nobody knows you / This ain’t what they want / Nobody knows you / Bitch I thought that was Future’s song / I’m bout to show you / You done caught yourself a lil L, dog / Man, nobody knows you / You heard of Lil Durk? Nigga, hell nah.”

On his own track, G. Count raps: “Why you wanna dis Durk, Blood / You must wanna get murked, Blood,” he raps.

Claiming that the song wasn’t meant as a slight to begin with, Count explained T.I.’s role in mediating the beef between himself and Game.

“First of all, I just want to let everybody know that’s not a diss record,” he said. “I didn’t disrespect him at all in there, at least I don’t think I did. With Durk, that’s my little homie. So, automatically, I felt some type of way, like, ‘He just got out on my man like that.’ But I still wasn’t gonna say nothing ‘cause rap is competitive.’ Then I was like, ‘Bring it back.’ Then I listened to it again and again. I was like, ‘He’s speaking on certain things he shouldn’t be speaking on, saying certain names he shouldn’t speak on.’ ‘Cause we don’t even do that. I just was pulling his coat tails. I knew that was gonna get his attention. Yeah man, you speaking on real situations man. Guys got Fed cases on top of Fed cases and just certain names just don’t be mentioned…I just pulled his coat tails. It ain’t nothing. It ain’t no beef. If it was beef I wouldn’t be talking about it on BET. I don’t do that WWF stuff.”

“It take somebody like Tip to call me,” the Chicago rapper went on. “Anybody else would call me, I don’t got that relationship with everybody. I would have turnt up on them, ‘Who is you to call me? Don’t tell me nothing.’ But Tip, that’s my man, I never had a problem with Game. Still don’t got no issue with him. He just hit me up like, ‘Man, I was talking to Game and we wanted to get some things straight.’ I’m like, ‘Cool.’ He clicked me on three-way. It wasn’t like nothing all emotional or nothing. Niggas was just like, ‘I feel where you’re coming from.’ He said he would have did the same thing if I’d have did it. So it wasn’t nothing, he ain’t come back dissing me on no records, at least not so far. He didn’t come back like that ‘cause it wasn’t no diss record. It was all smooth. Ain’t nothing.”

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