Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem doesn’t plan to take his recent altercation with 50 Cent’s security team lightly. The popular Nigerian rapper plans to sue 50 Cent and Nigerian Breweries, the promoters of the concert for an undisclosed amount. Eedris says the altercation on the plane left him feeling like he wasn’t an important part of the show. “You cannot treat me as a second or third class citizen in my own country, I will not take if from anybody”, Eedris told Nigerian News. I was sitting down at the VIP end of the plane and they said ‘hey you gotta get out of that seat’. I asked, ‘get up from which seat?’. They said it was 50 Cent seat, but I said I was sorry 50 Cent can’t sit here. This is my seat”, he continued.

From there Eedris alleges the security grabbed him by the neck and began punching him. Eedris said a representative from the promoters of the concert tried to mediate the disagreement but he isn’t interested in mediation. “He said 50 Cent told him that he didn’t know that I was an artist. So I asked why they didn’t tell him. He said they were sorry. He also said 50 Cent wanted so see me and shake hands with me and have a duet with me. I said I was not going to have any of such and I also told him that they should go and do what they ought to do”. 50 Cent responded on HOT97 “Security asked them nicely. Nah they didn’t ask them nicely, they moved them out of the seats. It was crazy, it was for no reason”.