YG, who was recently allegedly involved in a DJ Mustard feud with Mistah F.A.B., has addressed the claims F.A.B. has made regarding Mustard. 

“The Mistah F.A.B. nigga, he say the homie stole the Bay sound, he say Mustard took the Bay sound,” YG says in an interview with MTV. “He feel like that? Okay. We don’t feel like that. Mustard don’t feel like that.

“I don’t feel like [Mustard is] taking a Bay sound, especially my album don’t sound like the Bay,” YG adds. “Every time somebody speak on my album they say it remind them of [Snoop Dogg’s] Doggystyle, Eazy-E, DJ Quik, it remind them of that. I’m trying to figure out what he’s talking about, because I really don’t know.” 

Mustard and F.A.B. were recently allegedly involved in an altercation. Mustard spoke with HipHopDX about the fight yesterday. “He swung,” Mustard said exclusively to HipHopDX. “I guess he didn’t know that all those people were with me. I only run with one security guard. So, it wasn’t the security. Everybody keeps saying it was the security, but you know, that’s how it goes sometimes. I done got into millions of fights. That was just one of the fights that people have seen because of who I am. When people’s careers go down, they’ll do anything to get back up. You’ve gotta expect stuff like that and you’ve gotta tighten up your security and make sure nobody can get to you like that.”

The altercation was reportedly due to comments DJ Mustard made on the radio. In May, F.A.B. accused Mustard of taking a Bay Area sound. “We created a sound in the Bay Area and it took several years for it to catch on,” F.A.B. said at the time. “The Mustard sound that’s pippin’ right now…That was created in the Bay Area. We not mad at it at all. I’m not mad at it because I’m still able to get in and do what I do.” 

Following this, Mustard addressed the F.A.B. interview. “I was born in the ’90s,” Mustard said. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about…I don’t speak to [F.A.B.] It’s not no beef. It’s just a simple fact that when you come up here, don’t say my name, talking about I steal this, I steal that when we just did a beat. You come up here and make it like Mustard’s stealing. How am I stealing? If it’s so easy, why don’t you make these beats?”

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