Prior to SMACK/URL’s NOME 4 event that took place in New York earlier this month, caught up with Phara Funeral, Jaz The Rapper and E Hart, who disclosed their own views on ghostwriting. 

“It’s wack,” E Hart said. “I was just talkin’ to New Born about that this morning over the Facebook shit. Ghostwriting is wack. Granted there are females that get down with crews and you start sounding like your crew. I understand that if you around a bunch of niggas they are gonna give you input. But there is some females that are just getting straight verses from niggas and that shit is wack.”

“I feel the same,” added Jaz The Rapper. “It’s cheating. I mean, what we don’t know won’t hurt us. I don’t like to accuse people of it unless I really know. I’ve been accused so I know what it’s like. And I know what it’s like to have to sit down and write all this shit. I’ve said this plenty of times, it’s a compliment—you never hear them saying a wack bitch got a ghostwriter unless her style sounds like somebody. You never hear somebody wack and they be like, ‘she got a ghostwriter.’ If you nice, you get that accusation.”

“Actually ghostwriting is what it is,” said Phara Funeral. “Everybody blows it out of proportion. I don’t think half of the girls that they say have ghostwriters have ghostwriters. And it sucks because when you actually have females that sit down and they write, and they take their time to write, it just takes away from our craft and our league and it makes us look bad.”

Elsewhere in the interview the female battle rappers talk briefly on the highly demanded battle between Phara Funeral and Jaz The Rapper.

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