What’s fighting words to Snoop Dogg? Blackmail. Snoop Dogg has filed a lawsuit against an unnamed woman and her attorney’s alleging they tried to extort $5 million dollars from him to keep them quiet about an alleged assault against her. Claiming she was assaulted after a performance in 2003, the woman is said to have demanded the money to keep silent and not go to a book publisher or the National Enquirer.

Snoop Dogg also known as Calvin Broadus allege her was never involved in any incident after the performance and filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on December 10th. In the lawsuit Snoop Dogg is also asking for punitive damages and to stop any future threats “Jane Doe” (as she is listed to protect her privacy) made against him. In other Snoop Dogg news, hip-hop heads can look for him to “Pop It Like It’s Hot” on the road beginning next month as well as in his recently picked up television show to premiere late next year.