Swollen Members rapper Madchild had a few words of praise to offer to fellow Canadian artist Drake, during the group’s newly-released interview with Vlad TV.

Madchild and Prevail were asked what the effect on Canadian Hip Hop was when the Young Money singer/rapper took over. Before admitting to being “a huge Drake fan,” Madchild says there was “absolute pride” for Drake in Canada when he began to infiltrate the genre of Hip Hop.

“Absolute pride,” Madchild said. “I mean, I will speak for myself. I’m a huge Drake fan, which my fans, our fans are always surprised to hear, but I really like Drake. I listen to him a lot. And I think he’s representing our country incredibly well. And that he’s an anomaly. He’s one of the biggest stars in the world. And I think him being from Canada and handling his role responsibly and holding himself together while he’s doing everything, I think we can be nothing but proud of him.”

Later in the interview, Swollen Members were asked if they feel that Drake has a responsibility to put on other Canadian Hip Hop artists due to his position.

In response to that question, Madchild explained that it’s unfair to put that type of responsibility on anyone. He did list The Weeknd and PartyNextDoor as two artists Drake has helped with their music careers.

“I don’t think it’s fair to put that responsibility necessarily on anybody, but I think that he already is doing that,” he said. “I think—I don’t think things should be expected of anyone. I don’t think that’s fair. I think it’s very cool that he is doing that. I mean, he’s blown up The Weeknd. The Weeknd’s Canadian. I know he has another artist called The Party, I believe. I think that’s something he’s working on. I think he also sort of gets behind a couple other artists…I think if he’s gonna put his name on something and put his stamp of approval he’s gonna have to believe in that art and that music. Not just because that person’s Canadian.”

Swollen Members’ Prevail chimed in on the conversation when the topic of content in Hip Hop was discussed. He credited today’s Hip Hop for focusing on artists who share their individual stories and spoke on his own lyrical influences.

“To be completely honest I listen to a lot of different kinds of music,” Prevail said. “I’m really probably more qualified to say I draw my influence for lyricism from places that—Not your traditional sources of inspiration for 99 percent of the rappers on the planet. But I think it’s awesome that Hip Hop is still being, and rap music is still being celebrated to the point where people are doing what it’s always been based on, which is talking about their individual stories.”

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