J. Cole once appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 television series.

The rapper recently discussed this with MTV’s Sway Calloway during an episode of Rap Fix made to commemorate the emcee’s The Warm Up’s 5-year anniversary. Cole acknowledged that he snuck into the event, hoping to get a chance to meet a celebrity guest. 

“Me, an aspiring rapper and producer, the lightbulb went up,” Cole says. “I was like, ‘Say no more. I’m there.’ I had just got this shirt made that said ‘Produce For Jay Z Or Die Tryin’… I knew one day, I would be somewhere where Jay Z was and I had this shirt on.”

Cole says he acknowledged that he did not know the event’s guest of honor, Aaron Reid, L.A. Reid’s son. 

“I just started being as goofy as possible,” he said. “I was just goin’ in like ‘He’s the man! Everybody’s here!'” 

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