During a recent interview with Pigeon And Planes, Atmosphere’s Slug revealed 5 things fans may not know about him. The first bullet point was a clarification on a mistake many people have made.

“Atmosphere is two people,” Slug, who makes up Atmosphere with producer Ant, says. “My name is not Atmosphere.” 

Following this up, Slug explains that he takes three naps, vitamins and a weed brownie before hitting the stage. He also acknowledges that he once drove around Minnesota for a wholesale florist company and that he has masturbated into McDonalds napkins while driving on more than one occasion. 

Beyond this, Slug also reveals how he makes his fear of death “tangible.”

“I guess I’m afraid of having a large bird run into my face,” he says. “That would be fucked ip. I’m also afraid of the idea of dying and leaving my loved ones a mess. In a weird way, I think that is how I make my fear of death tangible. I turn that into more of ‘I’m afraid of moving on and not having my shit organized to make my passing nice and convenient for everybody else.'” 

Recently, Slug spoke with HipHopDX about pain and hope, Ant discussed the group’s growth and Atmosphere revealed its United States North Of Hell Tour itinerary. 

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