Among the many artists featured on T-Pain’s “Up Down (Do This All Day)(Remix)” is newly-freed, Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie. While speaking with MTV News, T-Pain spoke on how he was able to recruit the wordsmith for the remix to his DJ Mustard-produced track.

According to the Tallahassee, Florida musician, who referred to himself as both “the greatest” and “the best” during his interview with MTV, he called Lil Boosie numerous times following his release from prison to record two songs. He says that instead of recruiting Boosie for those two songs, he chose to instead ask the rapper if he wanted to appear on “Up Down (Do This All Day)(Remix).”

“The Boosie feature came about because I just would not stop calling,” T-Pain said. “I just had to keep calling. I had to DJ Khaled him to death. Just kept calling, kept calling, kept calling. ‘I need this. I need this. I need this. You gotta get it for me. You gotta do it for me.’ Cause it was supposed to be two other songs that he was supposed to get on right when he got out of jail. And I totally dismissed those [when] my new management came to me and was like ‘Why don’t you get Boosie on the ‘Up Down (Remix)?’ He’ll do that quicker.’ As soon as I sent him ‘Up Down’ it was like insanely fast. I can’t even believe it. Maybe he was already in the booth when I sent it to him.

“He and I been trying to come up with a collaboration that is gonna be produced by DJ Montay,” he added. “But it’s about, all this, of course, the time that he was in jail, and you know, all the stuff that he went through in there, what revelations he came to while he was in there. Stuff like that.”

Prior to speaking on Lil Boosie, T-Pain spoke on the reason why he aimed for a completely different sound with “Up Down (Do This All Day)(Remix).” He revealed that he was aiming for “something different,” and also added that Jay Z’s “Excuse Me Miss (Remix)” was the last time he’s heard a remix that sounded drastically different than the original.

“The ‘Up Down (Remix),’ I wanted to make something different. There hasn’t been—I think the last song was ‘Excuse Me,’ the Jay Z song that he made the remix sound completely different than the original,” T-Pain said. “And I don’t think anybody’s done that in a while. And music has been missing so much lately. I feel like we need to bring those techniques back…It’s just those techniques that I miss. That I came up with that remix.”

In addition to Lil Boosie and T-Pain, “Up Down (Do This All Day)(Remix)” also features B.o.B and Kid Ink. The original version of the song serves as the first single from T-Pain’s upcoming studio album titled, Stoicville: The Phoenix.

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