Ahead of his league’s NOME 4 event later this week, Smack White spoke to VladTV about the event and about URL more generally. He also detailed his motivation to make URL stand above other leagues. 

“I don’t really get involved too much emotionally or physically with what other leagues is doing,” he said. “I just try to stay focused on the brand URL. Making it the most respected emcee battle league in the world. Making it the league that it only counts for you to perform on. There’s a lot of leagues out there putting on big events. They come and they go. Emcees go there, they perform, they get a check. At the end of the day there’s no credibility that actually stands with them going over there to participate on those actual leagues and those events. It really just don’t count. Whereas when you go on URL everybody stop, look, pay attention, and wanna see what’s going on and what the results is gonna be. I salute all the emcees and all the leagues that’s out there that’s actually trying to come into the culture and do their thing. Keep doing ya’ll thing. But everybody knows where it really counts at.”

During the VladTV interview, Smack White also spoke about some of the battles on the NOME 4 card. To read the full story visit Battle Rap