Now that he’s sitting in the CEO’s chair, Jay-Z sees his rise to the top as a huge benefit for up and coming artist’s. “I think artists will relate to me ’cause I know their story,” he said. “I share some of the same struggles they have, possibly more. These people were signed. I never got signed to a major label. I had to start my own label. I been through all those hardships, from not being able to get a deal to putting out a record that didn’t work. I worked around all that. I see it more as being a coach who’s been on the field and the players will respect me ’cause I’m speaking their language”, Jay told MTV.

Taking the reigns of a new company, Jay-Z has lost his first major player as Cam’ron has left both the Roc and Def Jam.” That was something that was going on before I got there,” he said. “I don’t even know where it stands. That was something that was happening before me signing.”