Nelly is offering advice to Chingy who felt a little disrespected by his song “Another One.” Don’t take it personal. Nelly says he felt his words in the song showed Chingy he liked him but that he need to show respect for artists that came before him. “I wasn’t going at him. If you listen to the song, it says, ‘I like the way you do that right thurr.’ I could have said, ‘F— the way you do that right thurr!’ It ain’t even like that,” Nelly told MTV. “I’m not trying to be in it with duke like that. I just feel I paid so much respect to other people that allowed me to come do what I do, I just feel people should pay the same respect to me when they do what they do. Don’t act like your getting on didn’t have nothing to do with everything myself and the St. Lunatics have been able to accomplish. I took you on tour with me before.”

Though it seems as if Chingy may be trying to squash any beef and possibly go on tour with Nelly, he doesn’t seem to be easily agreeable to that idea. “To hear some of the things he’s saying, like that he’s been doing this just as long as me and I just got my break first and all this and all that,” Nelly said after reading Chingy’s comments in this month’s issue of XXL, “I’m like, ‘Listen, it ain’t even this type of issue. Don’t say things like that.’ He don’t even realize how his words can get blown outta context. “You’ve got to watch what you’re saying, unless you mean what you’re saying, then that’s cool too,” he added. “But don’t do all that and then turn around and say you wanna go on tour with me. Don’t do all that. Don’t go that route. Be serious with whatever you’re doing. I don’t know where it is with him.”