Pepsi Pulse has compiled a list of “Pro-Tips: How To Make A Good DJ Mix.” 

One suggestion the story has is to “Don’t Just Throw It On Shuffle.”

“Sequencing your mix is just as important as selecting the actual songs in it,” the item says. “That means no throwing on shuffle and letting the fates decide what will play when. Pick a part of the mix where things slow down for ample time for people to get close (or get a breather), and then a good set of tracks to ramp things back up. Having a shuffle will just make the flow of the mix a complete disaster.”

Another item is “Keep Up With The Times.” 

“Everyone knows that ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Empire State of Mind’ are classic songs, but why not throw something on that shows you’ve really kept up on the times? There’s no award for throwing on as many well-known tracks as possible, and in fact, that could make for a pretty boring night. Don’t be a prisoner to the classics, show us you’ve listened to something from this decade.”

To view the full list, please visit Pepsi Pulse

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