While appearing on San Francisco-based radio station 99.7 NOW, actor/rapper Ice T spoke on his evolving relationship with those in the gay community. The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star addressed his relationship with those in the gay community when the topic of his character’s gay son on the NBC television show was brought up.

“It’s crazy,” Ice T said. “When you are in this business and coming from the streets you may not have a total grasp on gay people or other things like that. As long as I have been in the business now, I am totally immersed in the whole world. I know everything about it. Coco’s assistant is gay. One of my best buddies is gay. The guy who does my hair on the show, Brian. We go to Madonna concerts and Prince concerts. I’ve got to the point that you do you and let me do me and then we all good.”

Ice T further addressed his work on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” which was recently renewed for a 16th season. He revealed that it isn’t until the day before shooting that the cast receives the script for that particular episode.

“Yeah, absolutely because we’ve got the best guest stars,” he said, when asked if working on the show is still exciting. “They throw the scripts at us. We don’t really know what the show is going to be until the day before we actually start shooting that particular episode. It is always interesting. It is fun. Wednesday is our season finale and the fact that the fans love it so much … that is what keeps you motivated. In this business, if nobody wants to hear your music. You quit. If people don’t want to see your show. You are like, ‘Okay. I’ll go away.’ But as long as the fans want it … you got to give it to them.”

During his interview with 99.7 NOW, Ice T also discussed the possibility of a talk show featuring himself and his wife, Coco. He didn’t share the exact details, but promised that he and his wife will be back on television and it won’t be as part of a reality show.

The couple previously starred on the E! reality series “Ice Loves Coco.”

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