Appearing on BET’s 106 & Park to promote his upcoming Animal Ambition release, 50 Cent responded to questions about the recent news of his absence from his son’s graduation.

“I don’t need an explanation,” he said. “I don’t really. I think that my personal life, portions of it are actually supposed to be personal. The actual life as an entertainer is a whole other portion of your life. My son—I haven’t received an invitation. When he graduated I was in Budapest on a movie with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. I think at some points the reason why it actually comes out is because his mom is going to TMZ. I wish she’d find someone so she could leave me alone.”

Before that question, 50 was asked about balancing fatherhood with life as an entertainer.

“It’s tough because you travel a lot and you move around,” he said. “You still have to be able to provide those things that are really detrimental to a child being able to have a decent upbringing. A nice place to stay, private schools, and everything else they would actually require to have a good education. It’s tough because my relationship with my older son is dictated by his actual mom.”

Early in the interview, 50 Cent gave some thoughts on the place of social media as an artist promoting material.

“The positive part is we’re able to reach large amounts of people,” he said. “Whenever you’re ready you can say things. You don’t actually have to be doing press and publicity in order to get a message to the masses…we can launch music at a faster pace and just put it straight on YouTube and have everybody get a chance to see it.

“The thing that I don’t like sometimes is that they feel that they’re entitled to an explanation for things at points,” he added. “It’s beyond me. The things that you’ve done, even in your career, it’s so many things that people would maybe think but not ask you. Because of the social networking they feel like it’s a sufficient place for them to ask that question. I be like, ‘Why? Why did you ask that? Did you actually think I was gonna answer that question?’ The things they say to you. You’re like, ‘Why say that?’”

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