During a recent interview with Montreality, Port Arthur, Texas rapper Bun B offered his thoughts on a number of his fellow artists, including Drake, 50 Cent and OutKast.

While speaking on 50 Cent, Bun B recalled meeting the then up-and-coming rapper through a production team he worked with. He also revealed that based on the Jamaica, Queens emcee’s desire for success in his early years, he was similar to that of a young Master P.

“I met 50 Cent through Tone,” Bun B said. “There was a production team called Tone & Poke back in the day. They did a lot of crazy records. And Tone had an artist deal. 50 was his artist. And he asked me if I would be interested in working with him. And I went up there. And this was a different 50 Cent. Like that people know nowadays. You know, 50 used to be kinda chubby. I guess, the word for it. But personality, the dude I met back then is the exact same dude that you see now as far as his mentality and like what he’s gonna do as far as being successful and all of that. He was just adamant about what he was going to do with the game if they ever gave him a shot. It’s funny, I heard almost the same words come out of 50 Cent’s mouth in his earliest days and Master P in his earliest days. So, it doesn’t’ really surprise me that those two dudes ended up being two of the richest Hip Hop artists ever.”

The former UGK rapper then applauded Southern duo OutKast on the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. In addition to commending ‘Kast on their music, Bun also credited the group for encouraging people to be themselves.

“To be able to have 20 years of achievement regardless of what you do is something to be admired and something to be honored,” he said. “I think OutKast musically are one of the best groups ever to record music. I mean, these guys won Album of the Year with a Hip Hop album, you know? They’ve contributed so much to the culture. You know what I’m saying? Not just musically, but even when Andre would come out and dress different it was really not about other people dressing like that. But about people not being afraid to express themselves. And to still be appreciated 20 years later is amazing to see and I’m so happy that they’re in a position now to come back and share what we love with the world.”

In regards to today’s newer Hip Hop acts, Bun shared the reason why he gave Canadian singer/rapper Drake his stamp of approval. According to the Texas wordsmith, Drake brought a different perspective to Hip Hop due to his “unique viewpoint.”

“With Drake, it was just it was a little bit different,” Bun said. “It was like nobody was really sure what it was gonna be. You know what I’m saying? But it was very interesting. Like his approach, his cadence. Coming from a different surrounding. Coming from a different world really. It allowed him the opportunity to just kinda do it without being…held back by a lot of things that a normal, American rapper would be held back by based on your region, your proximity to certain things or whatever. And it was just a fresh outlook on music, on life. He’s very introspective and he’s very retrospective. And I think he brings a very unique viewpoint of someone just trying to live his life.”

Lastly, Bun B offered an update on the status of any unreleased music from Pimp C. He says that he isn’t necessarily in the know when it concerns any new music from the late emcee since the rapper’s widow controls his estate, but did reveal that a project featuring Pimp C and Juicy J will still be released.

“If there is anything upcoming as far as Pimp C is concerned, I wouldn’t know,” he said. “I don’t control any of the music. I don’t have the music. His wife controls his estate. So, she has all the music and all of that. So, I know she was working with something with Juicy J. That project is still gonna come out. I’m definitely gonna be a part of that project or any Pimp C project that comes out. I support the wife and the estate 100 percent. Yeah, there’s definitely some stuff left. How much? I don’t know, personally.”

Bun B’s interview with Montreality can be found below.

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