Following speculation about what led Wu-Tang Killa Bees emcee Christ Bearer to sever his own penis and then jump from a second-story balcony, the Wu-Tang Clan associate has finally broken his silence on the matter. reports that Christ Bearer was feeling both depressed and lonely due to a restraining order, which made him unable to see his two children, on the day he chose to mutilate himself.

Weeks after the incident, the 40-year-old rapper is now in stable condition and doctors were reportedly able to reattach his penis and restore it to full functionality. Despite the restoration, he will be unable to have children in the future.

Prior to Christ Bearer speaking on the incident this month, a source revealed to E! News that Bearer was under the influence of PCP when he severed his penis.

According to the emcee, the only drug he was on at the time was marijuana. He added that he was smoking marijuana and reading a book about monks and vasectomies when the depression struck him.

Among the Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliates to address Bearer’s situation were RZA and I-Self.

RZA had this to say in regards to the rapper: “Christ Bearer is a tragic story because it’s still the same situation: a guy we gave a chance to…It’s sad that it’s Wu-Tang affiliated. It’s like dirty press in a way. I want to know what the fuck moved him to do those things.”

And in regards to his status with the Wu-Tang Clan, Christ Bearer says, “I am the fucking Wu-Tang.”

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