In an interview posted by PopCandiesTV, Suge Knight touched on a number of subjects with some off-the-cuff remarks outside of a club in West Hollywood. Claiming that he has plans to produce a movie chronicling the success of Death Row Records, Suge alluded that he should be involved in production for a planned N.W.A. biopic

“When you look at it, I’m doing that Death Row movie,” he said. “The Suge Knight movie which involves everybody’s life. When it talks about Tupac, it don’t talk about the ‘Pac with Digital Underground, it talks about that aggressive ass nigga that everybody know about. That ‘M.O.B.’ nigga. All Eyez On Me. That’s a big difference. Anybody in this world trying to do a Death Row movie while saying it’s my movie, it would definitely a problem. So don’t invest in that shit. And Cube, don’t be no buster, if ya’ll doing N.W.A. you know I was the nigga who owned the name N.W.A. You holler at me I”m gonna holler at you. One thing I’m gonna say last before I go tonight. You know what it is? We gotta be more role models and better examples for the youngsters.”

A few minutes later, Knight called out “Ty Ty” before settling on Rick Ross as the subject of a short rant.

“Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread titty man,” he said. “I’m gonna beat the dog shit out of you. I swear to ya’ll it’s like this, I’m the first nigga had the bald head and the beard from Bompton,” he added, motioning to his sweatshirt. “So you tell Rick Ross, who’s using the next nigga’s name, I try to give the niggas a fair shake, say, ‘Look, you owe this bread run this bread.’ When they do stupid shit and the police involved, I got a show, ‘It Ain’t Smart Being Stupid.’ I’m going to invite motherfucking Rick Ross on there. That ain’t his real name whatever. If he can get me, I’m going to shave my muthafuckin’ beard. But when I beat his muthafuckin’ ass, kick him square in his muthafuckin’ ass and play with his titties. He need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is.”

Suge also said he thinks “50 Cent is more aggressive than that motherfucking bitch ass motherfucker.”

Still, following Suge’s comments, which were released last week, Rick Ross posted an image on his Instagram account alongside Knight. “Ran into Suge Lastweek and he showed Alot of Luv!!!” Ross wrote. “Said ‘MMG them N*ggaz’ #Mastermind.”

In the same interview, Suge also alluded that Eazy-E showed him how to co-opt demos and turn them into polished songs internally.

“I’m gonna tell ya’ll one thing I know for a fact,” he said. “Rest in peace to Eazy-E. One thing about Eric, [he] told me one day, I thought Andre did all the music and all the beats. You know what Eric told me? People send out demos in, Andre redo’em. We redo the raps. That’s the song. I took that same get down. Basically I took it from Eazy and did the same shit. I took it from Eazy and took it to another level. And guess what, Jimmy Iovine sent me to prison and stole it from me.”

Watch the interview below. 

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