Just prior to leaving for her first European tour, Rapsody discusses the inspiration behind her recently-released “Thank You Very Much” music video.

‘Thank You Very Much’ is, for the most part, a dedication to naysayers, or people that say you can’t, dream killers,” Rapsody says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “It’s sprinkled in with a little shout out to the people who do show love, but the main topic of the song was how you use any negative energy somebody might throw your way and allow it to push you harder.”

The music features “music industry insiders,” Rapsody says, including Kathy Iandoli, HipHopDX’s Music Editor. 

“I wanted to take some of the music industry insiders who I’ve known since Day One and have grown a relationship with that goes far past the business, like Kathy Iandoli, who I talk to like every other day…who’s like one of my best friends,” Rapsody says. “Karlie Hustle. Reggie Williams. I wanted to have Nathan S. and DJ Z from DJ Booth in it…I wanted to do for them what they have always done for me. So, that was the concept. I got with some of my best friends in the industry and we just got in a black room and had fun. We danced. We rapped. We joked.”

Beyond releasing her music video, Rapsody was preparing for her European tour run. 

“I really haven’t had time to prep,” she says. “I’ve been so busy getting these videos out, getting things in line, making some changes businesswise preparing for the project. You know, I just ordered my T-shirts [laughs]… I’m not prepared really.”

While she may not be prepared to travel, she says she is prepared to perform.

“I try to look at it like any show, really,” she says. “I’m prepared to put on the best show I can… meet the people, see their faces, and show my appreciation for them supporting the music… I’ve only been to London one time. We were there for a day and a half, so I’m excited. I guess one way I need to prepare is I need to get a camera to bring.”

While excited to travel, Rapsody says she also often misses home when on the road. 

“Being in another city or another country, you can be inspired in so many ways, by so much, and sometimes you just wanna get in the studio and let it all out,” she says. “That’s probably the biggest thing. I’ll miss family, too. I have nieces and nephews who are like, ‘You’re going to Europe?’”

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