Boldy James was recently in headlines when several publications reported that the rapper had been signed to Nas’ Mass Appeal imprint. James later denied those reports.

Nevertheless, James recently addressed his potential affiliation with Nas. “If I ever get the opportunity to work with Nas, it’s like all the shit that I been doin’ is worth it,” he says in an interview with Complex. “None of this was really in vain…Who gets that opportunity?” 

James says he’s crafting his new album, one that is looking to be more diverse than his past efforts, he says. 

“It’s gonna be some hard hitters on this one,” he says. “It’s gonna be a variation of sounds. It’s gonna be that Hip Hop sample type of music that I love to make and then that bounce sound that everybody chasing.” 

Prior to this, James was perhaps best known for his work with Alchemist on My 1st Chemistry Set

“Al didn’t do nothin’ but put me on the pedestal to get me to the next level,” James says. “Al a real nigga, so he’s easy to work with. He wasn’t as complicated or as cocky as a lot of the dudes I work with and just ’cause they got a Rap name and some fame, they think they can talk to you any kind of way, or they fuckin’ opinion is really valid and I give a fuck. They must don’t know who I am.” 

Through his work with Alchemist, James says he’s met Action Bronson, Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt. “They all was 100,” James says. “They all genuinely good people that I’d rock with whether I was or wasn’t working on music.” 

Beyond this, James says he would like to work with Chief Keef, Jay Z, Gucci Mane and Adele. 

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