Spotify reports that streams of Nas’ 1994 album Illmatic have increased by 300 percent when comparing last week’s figures to this week’s streams. 

Sales of Illmatic have also increased, as reported yesterday (April 23). Nas’ Illmatic, released April 19, 1994, sold 14,987 copies this week and experienced an 844 percent increase in sales from the previous week. To date, Illmatic has sol 1,686,232 copies in its 20 years.

Yesterday (April 24), Nas was named the top album in Complex’s 90 best Rap albums of the 1990s.

“Lists such as the one you’re reading inevitably lead to disagreements, if not full-on arguments,” said at the time regarding Illmatic. “Fair-minded fans can disagree about whether the ’90s was indeed rap’s greatest decade. As Jigga once put it, folks will ‘argue all day about who’s the best MC, Biggie, Jay Z, or Nas.’ One thing they don’t argue much about: who made the best album. Because it would be extremely difficult to make the case that Nas’s Illmatic isn’t the greatest rap album of the decade, if not all time.”

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