For fans hoping for a new album from the Brooklyn-based rap duo Black Star, Talib Kweli has revealed that the chances of such an album are “pretty slim.” While speaking with Vlad TV in a newly-published interview, Talib spoke on the bleak chances of a new project from Black Star and also commented on his distaste for sequels to projects.

According to the New York City wordsmith, he’s been approached on numerous occasions about sequels to tracks like “Get Em High,” but says fans should instead revisit the original version of a particular song rather than request a follow-up.

“I think the possibilities for seeing a Black Star album are pretty slim,” Talib said. “We do shows all the time. Black Star is a very lucrative thing. But, you know, that album is special. You know, part twos are overrated, bruh. People are always like ‘You need to make a part two to ‘Get Em High.” Yeah, ain’t no guarantee the part two’s gonna come out dope. ‘You need to make a Black Star album part two.’ You know, how about you just go listen to the old one? The reason you like it so much is cause it is what it is. Appreciate it for what it is.”

Talib also addressed those who have questioned Yasiin Bey (previously Mos Def) and his lack of recent releases. He informed those watching that his fellow Black Star member does still rap and merely prefers to release his music under his own terms.

“Yes, Mos Def is rapping,” he said. “He’s been to South Africa…These people who be in they little towns and whatnot. Listening to their little, local radio stations. Reading their little blogs, who be thinking me and Mos Def ain’t doing [nothing]. We out in the world doing stuff. Just because it’s not making your radar don’t mean it’s not happening. Like Black Star’s very lucrative. We do a lot of things…I always hear new music when I’m with Mos. It’s just he doesn’t necessarily feel the need to release it at the same pace or with the same urgency that a lot of artists do. He’s making music because he wants to make it. And he’s releasing it under his terms exactly.”

Black Star released their first and only studio album, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star, over 15 years ago. Released in 1998, the album included production from a number of Hip Hop notables including Hi-Tek, 88-Keys, and Da Beatminerz.

Most recently, Yasiin Bey was featured on producer Amerigo Gazaway’s Yasiin Gaye album, which was released in February of this year. The rapper is also reportedly working on a project with former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh.

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