Pusha T, who appears on the cover of Acclaim magazine, discusses his perspective on record labels in the publication’s cover story. 

“Labels to me are just houses for putting out music in the corporate sense,” Pusha T says. “I don’t have a big radio marketing plan. I do my own little touring. It’s not because of the label. They give me a platform to reach more people through the brand of Def Jam, but other than that they don’t really get in my way creatively. They let it go.” 

Pusha T’s Def Jam solo debut album, My Name Is My Name, was released last year, a project that opened the rapper’s eyes to certain aspects of life as a solo emcee. 

“There was the comfort zone of having my brother with me on a stage or on a track,” he says. “It made my job a lot easier and I recognized that once I went solo.”

Nevertheless, Pusha Ton also says he’s benefitted from assistance from others, namely Kanye West. 

“With [My Name Is My Name] I went out and did everything I wanted to do and brought it [to Kanye],” he says. “And from there he took that from me and made it even better.”

In October 2013, Pusha spoke with HipHopDX about the producers on My Name Is My Name.

“I feel like the producers made movies, man,” Pusha said at the time. “Yessir, lyrically, I think I just painted those pictures on those canvases, and I know in working with The-Dream—especially the records me and him did together—he really made it be colorful. Like, I had to be colorful. The pictures that was painted, the verses, the lyrics, you know what I’m saying? There is a record on my album called ’40 Acres,’ and honestly it’s almost like it’s a capella, but still it sticks out. I think it’s going to be a fan favorite.” 

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