Green Label has compiled a Top 10 list of “They’ve Got Jokes: The Funniest Rappers Of All Time.” 

“Hip Hop has had a long history of humor, dating all the way back to the Sugarhill Gang in 1979,” the Green Label article says. “Since then, some of the most memorable emcees to come onto the scene were the ones that made our sides split with clever rhymes and silly punch lines.”

Eminem, Redman, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Action Bronson and Biz Markie are among the rappers named on the list. 

“Biz Markie is one of Hip Hop’s earliest examples of how humor can translate well in Rap,” the story says. “His most well-known single is ‘Just a Friend,’ a hilarious, not-so-romantic love ballad that’s accompanied by an equally funny music video, which features Biz in a wig that is reminiscent of Mozart’s.”

To see the entire list of “They’ve Got Jokes: The Funniest Rappers Of All Time,” visit Green Label