Game’s fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge, says in legal documents that the rapper broke her nose during a March 16 altercation, according to TMZ

In the documents, Cambridge claims that the rapper told her to, “Move the fuck out the way” and called her a bitch. She also claims that he repeatedly hit her in the torso with his closed fist and tore her clothing. 

Cambridge says that Game also said, “I will end it all,” during the confrontation.

Game has denied all allegations, which also include his saying that their children could not call the police because he and their mother would be taken to jail. 

According to reports from TMZ earlier this month, Cambridge filed a report saying the rapper attacked her during an argument on March 19.

The publication’s law enforcement sources say officials photographed Cambridge after the alleged assault. 

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has launched a criminal investigation, according to TMZ. 

Cambridge gained notoriety due to her and her fiancee’s involvement in Marrying The Game, a reality television program about their relationship. 

In December 2013, Game said he and Cambridge have “the best relationship in the world.”  

“We got two kids and we love the shit out of each other and it ain’t nothin’ cooler [or] better than that,” he said at the time. “She’s amazing. She’s an amazing woman [and] mother and I appreciate her. My loyalty lies within her and my children and their livelihood.”

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