Just one day after Master P’s ex-wife, Sonya Miller, informed TMZ.com that the rapper/entrepreneur had abducted three of their children, AllHipHop.com has obtained video of Master P and his children denying Miller’s abduction claims.

In the video, Master P speaks directly to his children Mercy, Hercy, Italy, and Tytyana while at Miller’s home.

“I’m here with my kids. They mom said that I abducted them. I kidnapped them. And we at her house. We’re not at my house. We’re at her house,” P said in the video, which was posted on YouTube today (April 10).

“If y’all wanna stay y’all can stay here with your mom,” he added, while speaking directly to his four children. “If you wanna leave and come with me then we can leave. But if you wanna stay you can stay here. I have no problem with it. Cause I love y’all. I even love your mom because she’s a part of our life. I don’t—I want her to be successful, but I also want her to figure out [whatever]. Cause I can’t change [her], I can only change me. And that’s what I been doing. She have to change her.”

One of Master P’s children, 13-year-old Hercy, referred to his mother as “a bad influence” when asked if he wanted to stay with his father.

“I wanna stay with you because I already—I know that she’s gonna just come back here,” Hercy said. “I already know she’s a bad influence. And like when I’m with you you teach me to do what’s right and all that.”

At one point in the video, Master P states that “We just want her to get better,” in regards to his ex-wife. Additionally, a description for P’s video claims that Miller has been “dealing with a long-time drug and alcohol addiction.”

News of the alleged abduction and the video which followed comes several months after Miller filed for divorce from Master P. And just weeks ago, Miller detailed her recent financial issues to TMZ, informing the site that she was forced to apply for welfare.

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