During an interview with Vlad TV, Rockland County, New York rapper Bishop Nehru recalled the moment he began to take his rap career seriously. According to Nehru, that moment took place when he met fellow lyricist MF DOOM, an artist he’s cited as one of his favorites in several interviews.

He says he met the masked emcee when he served as opener for both DOOM and Ghostface Killah at a show in London. Towards the end of DOOM’s set, Bishop Nehru went outside to catch a breath of fresh air and it was outside of the venue that he came across DOOM who then offered his praise and suggested that the two link up.

“I think it was probably when I met DOOM,” Bishop Nehru said. “That was the moment when I was like ‘Alright, I gotta really take this serious.’ This is one of the people that actually—I listened to and influences me. And brings creativity out of me. And DOOM is just—That’s one of my favorite artists. And to have one of your favorite artists meet you and tell you you’re good, it means something. So, I think that was the moment when I realized like ‘Alright, this is when stuff is gonna start happening. This is when I start taking it real serious.’

“After DOOM’s set I was right by the stage watching,” he added. “And the venue was real hot. His set was over. And he was still talking on stage, but I had walked outside cause it got real hot…Walked out and then I just was chilling outside. And DOOM comes just walking up the steps all nonchalant. Like he’s not DOOM. He just walked right up to me and he was just like ‘Yo, dope music, man. I appreciate the love and the support. You wrecked those beats.’ I guess he heard the tracks that I had recorded for my first project, which was Nehruvia. And I used a beat of his on there. Two of them. And I guess he heard ‘em and he was like ‘Yo man, dope. I appreciate it and tell your people hit up my people.’ And that’s just how it happened. We met like that. It was amazing, actually. Now that I look back at it, that’s like a milestone. That’s like history kinda in the making.”

Bishop Nehru later spoke on what it was like working in the studio with DOOM on their upcoming project, Nehruvian DOOM. According to Nehru, both he and DOOM are relatively laidback in the studio and are what he described as personal workers.

“When we were in the studio, he’s just—his vibe is like, it’s real laidback,” the rapper said. “He doesn’t really move around, bounce. He does, but it’s like probably after everything’s done. He just sits with it for a while. He mixes everything down. He’ll run it back like a couple of times and just sit with it. And just sit with it and sit with it. And I think he’s more of like a—like myself. Like a personal worker. So, in the studio we were telling each other ideas, but we weren’t really acting on the ideas. We were acting, but not acting as in like ‘We gotta do this now. We gotta get it done.’ Just roughing the pieces together. And then just ‘We’re gonna smooth everything out later.’ And that’s sorta how the process was, basically. For mostly every song we went through for the project.”

A release date for Nehruvian DOOM has yet to be revealed, but Bishop Nehru did share a few details about the project during an interview with XXL last month. He says the collaborative work will consist of about seven songs and is incomparable to any of today’s projects.

“It’s called Nehruvian DOOM, it’s going to be about seven songs.” Bishop Nehru said when describing the album. “There’s no way to really explain it. It’s just kind of its own little feel, it’s own little sound. I don’t think anything really compares to it.”

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