Quietly visiting the Hollywood Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday afternoon, Kanye West turned himself in for booking after pleading no contest in connection with a misdemeanor battery case over a confrontation with a photographer in July of 2013.

According to TMZ, West and his lawyer entered the station at around 4:30 PM on Thursday (March 27) where the rapper had his booking photograph taken and was also fingerprinted. The site reports that Kanye spent “a grand total of 49 minutes” at the station before being released.

West pleaded no contest to the battery charge earlier this month after reportedly punching a paparazzo, Daniel Ramos, at LAX in July. Sentencing for the charge includes two years of probation, more than 20 anger management sessions, and 250 hours of community service. The producer’s no contest plea will be barred from use in any civil lawsuit that Ramos might file against West and also allowed any possible grand theft charges to be dropped in the case. While prosecutors stopped short of pursuing felony charges over the incident, city prosecutors filed misdemeanor charges against Kanye on the day of his no contest plea.



Late in 2013, Kanye explained to another group of photographer’s his frustrations on the day of the assault in July. “What I didn’t get to say on Jimmy Kimmel, that’s the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it. He passed two weeks later,” he said according to Fuse. “But I’m comin’ out the airport, because you know, ‘It’s Kanye whatever, they’re gonna fuck with him and antagonize him.’ But I tried to stop his camera and stuff, then he fell down and faked it and everybody was like, ‘Oh yo, why’d you hit that guy?’ Obviously I didn’t hit the guy. But you know I’m going through shit.”

The rapper’s LAPD booking is only the latest in a string of legal trouble he’s faced in recent months. In January, West allegedly assaulted an 18-year old man in a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office, according to TMZ. The young man apparently used a racial slur while speaking with the rapper’s fiancee, Kim Kardashian, before West punched him in retaliation. HipHopDX later reported that West was apparently negotiating an outside-of-court settlement with the assault victim.  

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