In an interview with VERSEDOnline, Funk Volume emcee Dizzy Wright described his relationship with Bone thugs-n-harmony, his own upcoming music and detailed his independent touring and release schedule.

Asked about the influence of the Cleveland group—Layzie Bone is Wright’s uncle—he spoke about being a fan since his childhood. “A lot,” he said. “I’ve just always been a fan of the music. My mom played her part in their career when she was around. They just always had a lot of love for us. It’s just always been cool, I enjoy watching them do they thing and be creative. I’m a big Bone thugs-n-harmony fan, a fan of the music, the harmonizing, the rapping. That’s more what I’m into.” Wright added that “Buddah Love is just one of [his] favorites.”

Speaking on his upcoming release schedule, Dizzy detailed plans to release a promotional EP ahead of a full-length album scheduled for the end of the year.

“I got a project coming out soon and it comes with tour-dates,” he said. “It’s an EP. I’m doing an EP with Scion. The EP is called State of Mind. It’s just like how I’m feeling in the moment about things. It’s all promotion. I’m gonna do an album towards the end of the year. I’m just gonna be giving the fans music and music videos until then. We just gon’ try to do it the right way…I’ve always left myself room to grow. I don’t jump the gun with how I do things. I’ve always taken my time and left room for me to grow. It’s a better Dizzy Wright. People like what I got out, but I’m just getting older. I’m learning this shit a little more, everything is just getting better. It’s a more quality me…If they like what I got out now they’re definitely gonna like the shit I’m gonna put out.”

Wright announced the release on his Twitter page earlier this year.

Fielding a question about his own independent route as well as any possible advice for up-and-coming artists, Wright said “it just depends on what kind of nigga you are.”

“If you’re the type of person that you feel like you have a story you want to be able to go out and tour and slowly build a fanbase and watch it grow and be cool with watching it grow,” he said. “Then independent is a dope way to go ‘cause you’re not going to get no handouts, it’s gonna be all organic, it’s gonna be all you. Now if you the type of nigga that you just wanna make some quick money, fuck some bitches, and be fly for the moment, then you can go the mainstream route, allow them to give you money, give you a clothing designer, give you studio time, give you beats, just give you everything that you need. You could be that type. It just really depends on what kind of person you are.

“My advice to people that wanna do it is there ain’t no easy way to do this shit,” he continues. “It’s difficult. It comes with being broke if you’re not doing crazy shit, rap money don’t just fall in your lap. When you get it, you don’t get to just blow it…You gotta work, you gotta be consistent, you gotta make motherfuckers like you, think you dope. You gotta really want it, but if you just wanna be dope in the moment and throw some shit out there because you know you got some bars, you got the 2014 bars, then I don’t got no advice for you. That’s just how it is.”

During the interview Wright was also asked about his picks for the upcoming XXL Freshman Class of 2014, naming both Chance the Rapper and Isiah Rashad as artists he’d like to see on the list. 

“I know Chance The Rapper will be on there,” he said. “Isaiah Rashad. I’m high right now, so I can’t get my thoughts together. Probably Rockie Fresh. I feel like I could do 10, but I know I can’t.”

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