In the latest episode of The Dirtbag Dan Show, this week’s edition marking the twenty-seventh occasion, battle rapper Caustic claims that Daylyt has been posting short-form pornographic videos of himself onto Facebook.

Featuring the antic-heavy rapper within the show’s ‘WTF Moment Of The Week,’ Caustic explained to Dirtbag Dan and Okwerdz why Daylyt deserved the mention. “I’d like to welcome Daylyt back into the ‘WTF Moment’ because this mothafucker is going to make the Hall of Fame for this shit,” Caustic says. “My dude Daylyt has been posting 15-second porns of himself eating heavy pussy, skinny pussy, banging it out for like two seconds. My dude Daylyt does not give a fuck. My dude Daylyt ate pussy sideways with a scared look on his face for 15 seconds straight. He looked like a fish getting caught by a fucking fisherman. My dude had a Scooby-Doo mask on, eating pussy sideways.”

When talking about the motivation behind the publicity, Caustic referred to his fellow battler as “the greatest human being ever made.” Okwerdz, a battle rapper that has not taken on an opponent in two years, added, “he is a genius.” “He knows exactly what he’s doing,” Okwerdz says. “He is genius. Props to Daylyt, man.”

Caustic also referenced Daylyt’s face tattoo during the segment. “I don’t have a face tattoo, so already my pussy eating game is inferior to that,” he said. “You can’t look down at that shit and not be having a good time. That’s amazing…’Spawn is eating your fucking pussy bitch. What is happening to you?'”

Yesterday (March 10), HipHopDX reported Daylyt’s allegedly exposing his genitals during his match-up against female battle rapper 40 B.A.R.R.S. “I don’t wanna be nice,” he said. “I don’t wanna have bars. I want to be a gimmick rapper. That’s what I want to be. The gimmicks is getting me around the world. I don’t care for rapping no more. All these niggas spitting their regular bars, they stay they ass in New York and Chicago, and sometimes Canada. Nigga, I’m around the world doing this dumb shit. I’m from Watts. Watts niggas don’t even leave L.A. I’ve made it around the world. I am a one of a kind. Gimmicks has got me there. I will never stop. I’m a circus act. I will remain that way…I been to Australia. I seen a kangaroo with my own eyes, in real life, my nigga. I’m sitting there looking at a kangaroo, five feet away from me, and I’m telling myself, ‘Rapping did not get me here.’”

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