50 Cent, who participated in a press conference during Daytona 500 weekend to celebrate his SMS Audio partnership with Swan Racing, spoke about wanting to become an owner of a Nascar team. 

“I want to belong here,” 50 Cent said during an interview with The Associated Press (AP) during Daytona 500 weekend. “I like it…I want to have ownership in a team. Someone should look forward to me investing in a team. I just like it. The energy of the actual racing is cool.”

50, who last week announced his departure from a longtime record contract under Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records, also spoke about his business decisions. 

“I can make deals now that I couldn’t make under that structure,” he said during his AP interview. “On the brand extension, it’s obvious I’ve been the leader in that actual area. When I fell in love with hip-hop culture, it was actually the opposite, it would be selling out. To be an artist and be associated with a major corporation was a crossover. I had enough of a bad-boy image at that point to do what I wanted to do and knew it was bigger business-wise.”

As part of his new independent deal, 50 Cent is set to release Animal Ambition, an album that he says will feature “Smoke,” a selection produced by Dr. Dre. 50 also said he plans on releasing a track titled “Don’t Worry About It.” 

Last week, 50 Cent announced that Animal Ambition is set to be released June 3. 

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