Apollo Brown says he has one criteria when it comes to selecting rappers with whom he works. 

“Being a tried and proven producer, I have the privilege of working with artists that I’m a fan of, whether up-and-comers or legends in the game,” says the Detroit-based producer, who released his Abrasions: Stitched Up EP with Planet Asia in January, in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I don’t work with artists based on money or what they can offer me monetarily. I also don’t work with artists that I don’t respect artistically and-or personally. I have to be a fan. I work with artists based on merit, chemistry and the ability to come together and create a classic record.”

Apollo Brown’s other work includes the 2012 Trophies album with D.I.T.C. member OC and the 2013 The Brown Tape project with Ghostface Killah.



Regardless of who rhymes over his beats, the Michigan producer says that his hometown provides inspiration for his music.

“Detroit is full of character and emotion,” he says. “The people, the places, the climate and the history provides the amazing foundation for great music. Detroit is the city people are checking for when it comes to Hip Hop. All around the globe, fans are tuning in to what’s next. Whether it’s our producers, or emcees, or even vocalists, we tend to shine a little bit. I’m proud to represent this place.”

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