NFL free agent Michael Vick has announced the launching of his Wave Masterz hair product company, which he says was created with Bow Wow. Vick announced the partnership on Twitter. 

“Follow the next BIG thing, my business venture: ,” Vick says in a Twitter post. 

The company has also made an Instagram post regarding this partnership and the post’s caption is as follows: “The best thing since Air Jordan’s. Ingeniously brought to you by entrepreneurs @bowwow, @bachelorfortune & @mike7vick.” 

Wave Masterz is set to sell brushes, pomade and skull caps, according to the company’s official website. 

(February 18)

UPDATE: Bow Wow says that he is not involved with this hair product line. “No, that’s not true,” Bow Wow said in an interview with TMZ. “It was supposed to go down, but all deals don’t go down the way you want them to. But Michael Vick is still a friend of mine, a close friend of mine. I’ll still support the product…I wish him the best.”

Bow Wow said he has several endeavors that take up much of his time. He said he hopes to focus on making his other efforts successful before venturing into other deals. 

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